About Vintage and the City

Throwback to 2013 when we first opened our doors in Long Street, our very first sale was pair of Jeffrey Campbell polka dot platform heels which we sold from our bargain bin for R20 in 2013. I will never forget that first sale! Being able to combine the things I loved – Fashion, business, and using my environmental background all in one go, it just felt right!

I worked in the environmental field and although environmental issues are a passion of mine, there was little space for creativity in the environmental field. Fashion has always been a keen interest of mine and allowed for the creative expression I was craving. Starting in Vintage fashion was just a natural progression and combination of the things I loved.
We closed our store at the end of June 2020 to focus online, a move that just made sense in light of the pandemic.

Our Invitation

Fashion is a big polluter and by buying vintage fashion you’re doing your part for the planet while also being able to express yourself through fashion that is not mass-produced. So, we’re doing our bit through fashion and we invite you to join us!

We hand-pick and rework vintage to bring you items that are of good quality and on-trend. We focus mainly on the ’80s, 90’s, and 00’s streetwear and festival fashion with some new items that fit our aesthetic and overall offering.